Happy Book Lovers Day!

Happy Book Lovers Day!

Happy Book Lovers Day! Celebrate by adding one of our books to your collection. Here are some of our suggestions:


A book for Benny by Judith Koppens & Marja Meijer

It’s raining. No problem, because Sam is enjoying her book. Her little dog Benny doesn’t like reading. He wants to play. Sam tries to persuade Benny reading is fun. Would he like to have a different book perhaps? They go to the library together to find the right book for Benny.

A funny and touching picture book about a little girl and her doggy, and about the joy of reading. For everyone ages 4 years and up


Pip’s Big Hide-and-Seek-Book by Thaïs Vanderheyden

Pip is playing hide-and-seek with his little mice friends. All one hundred of them! They are hiding in the strangest places in Mouseland. A blimp, a spaceship, a submarine … the little mice are everywhere! Can Pip find all his friends? How about you? Will you help him look? Ready or not, here we come!

Count to 100 with Pip and his friends! A surprising book with funny details and fun tasks. For keen little mice ages 4 and up.


Friends by Liesbet Slegers

I have wonderful friends—my cat with his soft fur and my beautiful fish, my sister, and my parents. Come meet my most favorite friend!

Brimming with bright illustrations, this lovely board book celebrates happy moments and comforting emotions. For toddlers aged 12 months and up, with a focus on the child’s world and emotions.


The Princess Who Could Not Sleep by An Leysen

Even royal princesses have to go to sleep at night. But what if a little princess simply cannot sleep? Luckily, everyone in the palace and throughout the kingdom is willing to help her. They try everything they can think of to help the princess fall asleep: singing lullabies, reading bedtime stories, counting sheep. But nothing works. How, oh how, will the princess ever get the sleep she needs?

A splendid story about the difficulties of going to sleep on a royal scale. Sure to charm young and old alike, this book has actually been created by young and old—included within the illustrations by the author are drawings by her young daughter, Louise. The magical result: a remarkable bedtime book! For children ages 4 and up


The Big Sleep Book by Guido Van Genechten

Everybody goes to bed, but not everyone sleeps in the same way. Some sleep high up in a tree, while others sleep under the ground. Some sleep hanging upside down, while some sleep all alone in their own little house. Others sleep all together. And little Josh sleeps in his bed, between all his cuddly toys.

A cuddly board book to read in bed for toddlers aged 24 months and up with a focus on the child’s daily life.