New November arrivals

New November arrivals

Here are this month’s inspiring new picture books to share with friends and family! Please enjoy our new fall books by Pauline Oud, Magnus Weightman, Aron Dijkstra and Pimm van Hest & Sassafras De Bruyn. 

I Give You My Heart by Pimm van Hest & Sassafras De Bruyn

Yuto receives a special gift. A gift that will change his life. A gift that moves him and brings him comfort, warmth and shelter. A gift for life. A gift to pass on. A poetic fairy tale with valuable life lessons, 56 pages of stunning artwork and magnificent laser cutouts that will enchant you. The story is about a special life-changing gift; I GIVE YOU MY HEART is an ideal gift itself, one that will change the life of all who read it. For all ages.

But I Wanted a Little Sister by Pauline Oud

Sophie wanted a little sister but she got a little brother. At first she was angry, but then Sophie had an idea. Pigtails, a pink dress-- and little brother looks just like a little sister. A book about expectations and acceptance, and about loving little sisters and little brothers. For children ages 4 and up.

Welcome Home, Beaver! by Magnus Weightman

Beaver is seeking adventures, but he has lost the way. Now he wants to go home again. Does he live in that hidden hole underneath an oak tree? In the nest high up on the roof, Or in that big tower of mud. Illustrator and architect Magnus Weightman takes you on a tour around the world visiting all kinds of fascinating animal houses. Will you help Beaver to find his own home? For children ages 4 and up, and for everyone who loves to explore and who loves animals.

Nick the Knight, Dragon Slayer by Aron Dijkstra

Nick the Knight can't wait to fight Breakhorn the Dragon, but Breakhorn just doesn't feel like it. He keeps making up excuses to put off the fight but brave little Nick won't give up. An inspiring picture book about big dreams and an unexpected friendship. For knights ages 4 and up.