New book releases for June!

New book releases for June!


These five new books are all you need to have a great weekend! Please enjoy our new releases by Liesbet Slegers, Pauline Oud, Renne, Natalie Quintart & Philippe Goossens.


Doctors and What They Do by Liesbet Slegers

The doctor knows a lot about the body. She knows about diseases and how to cure somebody. Wearing her doctor’s coat and using her doctor’s tools, she examines her patients. Fevers, all kinds of pain, wounds and fractures, medicines and immunizations – the doctor knows all about them. Isn’t it nice that we have doctors to heal us and to help us stay healthy? An instructive book for children about doctors and what they do.


Ian Is Sick by Pauline Oud

Ian is sick. He can’t stop coughing and his throat hurts. Mom makes a cozy bed for Ian on the couch and Dad goes to the doctor to get some medicine. The next day, Ian is feeling a little better but he can’t go to school. Emma, the babysitter, stays with him while Mom and Dad go to work. They play games together and Emma makes delicious pancakes. The pancakes are magic, because Ian is soon feeling better again! A comforting picture book about being a little sick. For children ages 2 ½ and up.


Looking for Colors with Lily and Milo by Pauline Oud

Lily and Milo put on their red boots. They are going to play outside! They jump in puddles and play in the sand with a green shovel. Milo gets a balloon. A yellow one. Can you help them find all these colors? A fun story about playing together and identifying colors. For toddlers ages 24 months and up, with a focus on the child’s language development.


Pirate John-Wolf by Natalie Quintart & Philippe Goossens

John-Wolf is always afraid…except when he is singing pirate songs at the top of his voice, all alone in his room. One night, John-Wolf dreams that pirates take him to their ship. Will he overcome his fears and become a real pirate? A cheerful picture book about self-confidence and imagination. For rovers and singers, ages 5 and up.


The Wolf by Renne

Meet the wolf ! See where this furry friend lives, find out what he eats, learn who his biggest enemies are and how he likes to spend his day. A book to sink your teeth into! The second book in an informative series that brings wild animals