New book releases for April

New book releases for April

This is an amazing milestone: we are extremely proud to present three titles by our very first US authors! Please enjoy ‘What Can Your Grandma Do?’, ‘My Good Morning!’ and ‘The Only Way I Can’. Our other April releases are from bestselling illustrators Liesbet Slegers, Pauline Oud and Guido van Genechten. This is one April we will never forget!

What Can Your Grandma Do? by Anne Sawan & Sernur Isik

Next week there’s a talent show for grandparents at school. Some grandmas are excellent cooks, one grandpa is a painter, others are very good dancers. But Jeremy’s grandma doesn’t have any special talent. Or does she? A cheerful story about grandparents, talents and basketball. For grandmas, grandpas and their proud grandchildren ages 4 and up.


My Good Morning! by Kim Crockett-Corson & Jelena Brezovec

I wake up nice and early. I had a good sleep. Mommy and Daddy did not hear a peep. It’s a new day and I’m ready to go! But Mommy and Daddy are so very slow. A funny picture book in rhyme about a little girl’s morning ritual. She can do everything by herself. Almost everything… For children ages 4 and up.


The Only Way I Can by Bonnie Grubman & Carolien Westermann

When he sees Bird flying through the sky, Rabbit knows for sure: he wants to fly too! But no matter what Rabbit does, his feet won’t leave the ground. Or is there another way? A funny and inspiring book about discovering your strengths. For go-getters ages 4 and up.


Race Car Drivers and What They Do by Liesbet Slegers

A race car driver taking part in a Formula One race is among the best race car drivers in the world. He can only win a race if his car and his equipment are top-notch. More importantly, he should be extremely fit and he should know the race course inside and out. Yep, driving at top speed is challenging work! An exciting and informative book about race car drivers for children.


Sarah at the Wedding by Pauline Oud

Today is a special day. It’s a party. Sarah and Ian are the flower girl and ring bearer at Aunt Olivia’s wedding! Ian gets to wear a beautiful suit and Sarah got a new dress. They can carry the veil, hold the rings on a pillow and throw flowers. A heartwarming picture book about a wedding and everything that happens on a special day. For children ages 3 and up.


I've Got to Go by Guido van Genechten

Doggy has to go. It’s so urgent. But Little Sis is sitting on his potty! That’s because Mouse is sitting on her potty… Doggy runs past all the potties in the house, but they are all occupied. And now Doggy has to go very urgently. A funny potty book about a little dog who finds his way to the big toilet by accident. For everyone who has to go very urgently.