Get Ready for Some Magic!

Get Ready for Some Magic!

Hocus Pocus, this August we juggled a new book from our magic hat. Let us introduce you to Tito the Magician. Tito will show you that with just a little bit of self-confidence a lot of magic can happen!


Tito the Magician

Manu, the magician at Circus Rondo, is fantastic. With a little magic powder, a wand, and a few words, he can pull amazing things out of his top hat. Tito, the little clown, would love to do that kind of magic. But when he tries with his own little brown hat, the magic doesn’t work at all. Maybe it’s because he’s uncertain and shy. What would happen if Tito were to ask Manu to show him how the trick really works?

An endearing picture book about magic and daring, for children aged 3 years and up.


“Being a magician is no easy trick. It hinges on one of the human qualities that's most difficult to achieve. Tito is a little moon-headed, white fellow who works at the circus as a clown. Tito loves to watch Manu the magician perform. With just a sprinkling of magic dust and a wave of his wand, the white performer conjures a chicken from his hat, a bouquet from his sleeve. Manu is cool as a cucumber, sporting a snappy goatee and a fine smile. Tito sports a powder-white mouth, a pair of pants like a barrel, a comically tiny hat, and a great, red beezer as round as his head. Back in his trailer, Tito attempts Manu's tricks, but all he pulls from his hat is air. He cautiously approaches Manu. "Would you teach me how to do magic tricks, Mister Manu?" he shyly asks. "Of course, Tito." Manu instructs Tito to observe closely as he throws the dust, waves the wand, speaks abracadabra, and—hey presto!—he pulls a rabbit from his top hat. Then comes the crux: "Well, Tito, did you see what I did?" Tito's not sure. Manu continues: "You have to believe that you can do it….Only then will the magic work." That night, at Manu's invitation, moon-head Tito pulls a rabbit from the top hat. Genuine self-confidence, humility, and a sense of wonder: bravo, Tito.” - Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"The colorful illustrations are wonderful, and the story has a good message to believe in yourself.” - Sarah Fetterman, Librarian

"A lovely story which teaches children to have faith and confidence in themselves. Tito just needed faith in himself and someone who believed in him." - Kirst Aust, Educator

"A cute book with a couple of messages, one to be confident and try, the second to ask for help when you need it.” - Carla Johnson Hicks, Educator