Our new releases for July

Our new releases for July

We are happy to introduce you three new titles. Including two new Want to Know books. These titles will tell you all about the seasons and going to the theater. And when the summer is over, ‘Sarah Goes to School’ is the perfect book to prepare your child for the new semester!

Take a look at our new titles:

9781605372594Sarah Goes to School

At the school gate Sarah waves at Mom, then runs away. She sees Lisa! And Adam! And some of her other friends. There’s also a boy who Sarah has never seen before.

There is a new boy at Sarah’s school, and his name is Ian. Sarah helps him out. She shows him the block corner, the chair he can use, and the games they play outside on the playground. Sarah has another fun day at school – and makes a new friend too!

In this cheerful picture book, a girl shares her knowledge of her school with a new boy and makes a friend in the process. Pauline Oud tells a familiar story and illustrates it with warm and colorful pictures. For children aged 3 and up.

"Especially notable." -- Booklist, Spring Youth Preview 2016


9781605372532Want to Know: Going to the Theater

Do you want to know everything about theater and what you can do there? What did theater look like in Ancient Greece? Who else works at the theater besides actors? Is theater the same everywhere in the world? What is a shadow show? These and many other questions will be answered in this book. You’ll also find a fun comic, a crafts page, a big foldout page, and a mini-quiz, so you’ll become a real expert.

An informative picture book for children aged 5 and up about the wonderful experience that is going to the theater.

"A nice book to read before a trip to the theater, to build excitement and set expectations. It could also inspire your child to create their own plays and puppet shows." -- Taryn Villarreal of The Overly Attached Reader



9781605372723Want to Know: The Seasons

Do you want to know everything about the seasons? In this book, you will read about them. What makes the seasons? Why does springtime make people happy? Why do birds migrate when summer ends? This book answers these and many other questions. In this book, you’ll also find a comic, a poem, activities, a big foldout page, and a mini-quiz so that you can become a real expert.

An informative picture book for children aged 4 and up about seasons in many places around the world.