Search-and-find fun with Lotje

Search-and-find fun with Lotje

 Go on a search with us and spot the items, colors or animals in the cheerful illustrations of Lotje. These search-and-find books with playful questions are guaranteed fun. For toddlers ages 3 and up, with a focus on the child’s language development.


THINGSThings Everywhere: Shapes

There are all kinds of things in this little book. Each one has a different shape.
There are squares, triangles, arcs, and many more. Will you help us find all
ten shapes? Oh, and there is a big round clock on every page. See if you can
find it!






Colors Everywhere: Counting

White gum, an orange cat. Wow! Take a look at that. Purple grapes, a black cup. Please hold your fingers up. Pink beads, an orange pen. Look with us and count to ten. Green glasses, a yellow sun. Count with us and have some fun. Oh, and look for a balloon on every page.






animalsAnimals Everywhere: Opposites

Yes, animals are everywhere – in the world and in this book! Animals like squirrels, cats, horses, and ants. Some are big, others are small. Some are dirty, some are clean. Some have straight tails, some have curly (some have no tails!). Take a look and see the differences. A playful book about animals and opposites, with fun questions.






kittenWhat Does Kitten Hear? (Available from July)

Kitten travels through a world full of sounds. What does she hear on the farm, in the park, and at the zoo? She meets a lot of animals on her travels. Do you know what those animals eat? On each page of this book, you’ll recognize sounds, count from one to ten, discover colors, and compare things. And there’s a little blue beetle hiding on each page. Can you find it?





‘The abundance of objects (including many not referenced in the text) offers multiple opportunities for reinforcing knowledge of not only numbers but also animals, foodstuffs, household objects, fantasy creatures, and more.’ - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY on COLORS EVERYWHERE: COUNTING