English Ricky titles on the Chinese market!

English Ricky titles on the Chinese market!

Our beloved little bunny has been traveling and the English edition is now also landing in China. Eight English Ricky titles are now available in China. Want to know how Ricky came to be? Check out the video below!

More information about the Ricky books that are available in China:


There are all kinds of rabbits—tall, smart, silly, clean, and even dirty—but unlike those around him, Ricky the rabbit has one ear that hangs down while the other stands upright. Both inventive and practical, this tale teaches young readers that there is nothing wrong with being different.






9781605370590Knight Ricky

When Ricky closes his eyes, he imagines he’s a knight. When he opens his eyes, it has all come true! He meets dragons and fair ladies, just like a real knight would.






9781605370279Ricky and Mia the Chicken

Ricky spends every morning with his best friend, Mia, but one day she begins to act strangely. When Ricky learns that she is busy sitting on her eggs waiting for them to hatch, he stays to accompany her.






9781605370620Ricky and Annie

Every day Ricky watches Annie play in the playground. He dreams of them playing together. Ricky wants to be Annie's friend and tries everything he can think of to get her to notice him.






9781605370781Ricky and the Squirrel

Ricky is saddened and confused when he discovers a cold, unmoving squirrel in the forest. When Ricky brings the squirrel to his mother to see if she can fix it, she explains to him that the squirrel is dead and that he no longer feels any pain.





9781605370972Ricky Is Brave

It’s so hot at night that everyone is bathing in sweat. Ricky would like to sleep outside. ‘Aren’t you afraid, Ricky?’ ask his Mom and Dad. ‘I’m brave,’ says Ricky. But will this end well?






9781605371191Ricky's Birthday

It’s a very special day: It’s Ricky’s birthday! He gets up extra early to prepare for his party, but when his friends come over Annie isn’t with them! Will she still come? And what other surprises are in store for Ricky?






9781605371061Ricky Wants a Christmas Tree

It’s nearly Christmas, but Ricky still doesn’t have a Christmas tree in his house. Dad is way too busy to get one. But today they must go and get a tree, Ricky thinks.






Want to know how Ricky came to be? Check out the video here!