From Bologna with love

From Bologna with love

The biggest event in the Children’s books world is done and dusted. Our time at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2016 was fantastic, but it was over in flash. Luckily we kept a diary so we can look back on a week full of highlights.


We went off to a head start with over a hundred sales- and buy-in meetings on the first day. Our language skills were seriously tested as Nele spoke her first Korean Hello’s, and Rose effortlessly switched from Merci to Obrigado to Danke to Grazie to Gracias. Tired? Definitely. But the buzz of the first day keeps our spirits high.


Meet Greet, our assistant publisher. Today alone she has met with over fifty talented illustrators, there are just so many inspiring stories to get excited about. In keeping with Bologna’s Tuesday tradition we had the privilege of meeting our Dutch friends in publishing again. When it’s time to go to bed, the Dutch Party calls.


Day three was so hectic and successful that Rose and Nele couldn’t get enough of it. They were so caught up in work that they didn’t notice that the security guards locked them in the building. It took many telefonata’s and Italian gestures to break them free.


The last day is always the most relaxed. Many of our friends and colleagues have already left Bologna. With our bags packed we can look back on a successful week. At the end of the day we came to a total count of 213 sales- and 121 buy-in meetings.  Now it’s time for the real work to begin!