Mack's World of Wonder

Mack's World of Wonder

An informative book full of fun facts and extraordinary stories about stars and planets, with beautiful pictures and playful drawings. For children ages 5 and up.

How is a star born? What’s the weather forecast for the giant planet Jupiter? And how do you prepare for a flight to the moon? In this book, you’ll visit all the planets of our solar system, from Mercury to Neptune. You’ll learn all about the earth and find out more about the sun, the stars and the moon. Travel along to the farthest corners of space!


€ 19,95

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  • ISBN 9781605373812
  • Titel: Mack's World of Wonder
  • Auteur: Mack van Gageldonk
  • 5+ / NUR Non-fictie kinderboeken algemeen / 80 pagina's
  • Formaat: 269 x 258 x 10 mm

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