Big and Little

Big and Little

A touching book about learning when to help friends and when to let them do things on their own. For friends big and little ages 4 and up.

Two raccoons are going to have a picnic. They come across a snail trying to climb a mountain. Big Raccoon helps her, but Little Raccoon knows the little snail could have done it herself, causing a disagreement between the two raccoons.



€ 15,95

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  • ISBN 9781605376370
  • Titel: Big and Little
  • Auteur: Yang Hang
  • Illustrator: Lia
  • Thema's: Samenwerken Ruzie maken
  • / NUR Prentenboeken (< 6 jaar) / 32 pagina's
  • Formaat: 269 x 257 x 10 mm

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